“Bulk packaging” as defined by Ballville E-Z Shop management

Many times we offer, typically within our “Weekly Specials”, an even-better-price-point for a food item when purchased “in bulk”. Our in-store definition of “bulk packaging”, for purposes of your order qualifying for a specific, typically lower per-pound price is as follows:

Bulk packaging

of a single food item at Ballville E-Z Shop simply means that the food item is served in one single container of our choice and that the food item is not then re-packaged or served in a smaller, individualized container(s) within that same order. “Bulk” typically means that you’ll be served the food item in a single container, wrapping or other method of conveyance.

That being described,
we WILL usually* be able and happy to “re-package a larger order of a single food item” upon request…
but in these instances, the per-pound pricing will not qualify for the “Bulk” pricing and in most cases our normal price point applies to the specific item / order. -An additional “up-charge” may also apply.

-Still have questions on our “Bulk packaging”?
Simply email us your ideas, questions or any concerns, won’t you?


You may also text or telephone anytime
*Dependent upon item ordered, staff availability at the time of order or pickup, backlog (if any) of additional orders by you and/or other customers and is at the complete discretion of store management and owner.